Monday, December 6, 2010

King St. East Nov.28th Finished

Finished this painting on the weekend so my husband could get it in the post to our oldest son today. Jay will be able to take it to Myra in Manila when he visits in Jan.
Hope you like it Jay!!
I ended up not just using watercolor but then used some white FW Acrylic Artist ink to accent the snow on the trees and ground.
It was good I did not have alot of time as I tend to put too much detail when I do.
Please leave me your comments.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

King St. East WIP Step 2

I struggle to paint loose but always feel I need to put in more detail to make the scene believable.
I want to get this off to my son the first of next week so I must get back at it.
So much I want to do and so little time.

King St. East WIP

This is step one of King St. East in Saint John. It is a winter scene that a friend of mine Al Gangon had taken a photo of our 1st snow fall on Nov.28th and gave me permission to use in a painting.
This painting will be 8"x17" so it does not perfectly fit my cameras format.
I am doing it to send to my oldest son Jason in Fort mcMurray to take to his girlfriend in Manila, Phillipines in Jan. for a gift.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I decided to post this painting I did a couple of years ago at a Richard Flynn Workshop as I was at my youngest son (Aaron's) house tonight helping him put plastic over his windows to prevent heat loss and he has this painting hanging in his dining room. I forgot that I really liked this pastel painting. I have not done pastel in awhile and it pulled at me to go at it again.

One of my other son s(Lee) just built shelves in my art room closet and now I am ready to paint again!!! I don,t mean the closet as I painted it last weekend. Not my favorite kind of painting!!! If only I can schedule in some time!!!!

P Critcher419 if you read this you are the winner of an artist card from me for being my 25th follower. Please contact me at and leave your mailing address so I can send it to you..

Any Artist interested in trading artist cards please let me know.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oriental Poppies

Thought this is the perfect time to Post this Pastel Painting I did several years ago of Poppies. This painting is soft pastel on black Stonehenge paper.
In Rememberance to all those brave men and women who gave selfishly to allow us the freedom to live and choose freely!!!! Thankyou!!!
Nov.11th Lets Remember!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lee at work (Before he got his dreads cut)

This photo is from a few years ago when Lee had dread locks.
Here he is working with his torch. He is amazing to watch!!!!

Lees Glass

Thought I would show some of my son Lees Perfume bottles.
Lee has not worked his glass in awhile but he has his studio almost ready to start again.
I think he is amazing!!!
He alsomakes beautiful jewelry and pipes.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Contest at KV EMP

I wish to thank my newest twin sister Sue ( just became a beautiful red head and one of my patrons Monica Tomney (bought my Trevi Fountain Painting) for asking to be on my pumpkin carving team.
We had some tough competitation but pulled off the "Most Artistic Pumpkin Award,"with our alien pumpkin.
Who knew work could be so much fun!!!!!
Thank you also to my latest followers on my blog.
The 25th member to follow my blog will recieve a signed artist card from me. Be sure to leave a comment with an e-mail that I can get you mailing address.
At the end of Nov. I will pick my favorite comment to send a Christmas card that I have painted to so encourage you friends to join.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kingston Creek (Winterwonderland 3)

This is the fourth painting I have for Saint Davids Show. It is mixed media of watercolor and Pastel
I painted this before Christmas last year to put on my filing cabinet over my desk at work.
It is on 300lb. watercolor paper so I couldnot get it to stay on without a heavier tape so I brought it home . A few weeks ago I decided to fram it.
It is now cropped so the bush at the left is gone and the bottom half of the bush on the right is also covered with mat.
It measures 21X12 and is framed 31x22.
I do not really like winter but I love winter paintings.

The Bouquet

This is the floral painting I am putting in Saint David's Show.
I have cropped it some and it is now 7.5X7.5 framed 13.5X13.3
I really like the square format.
If you have been following my blog you have seen this as a work in process using three colors.
If not you can look back in my blog to find it.

Positano Shop front

This is another painting from my Mediterranean Moments.
I combined two photos here to include the beautiful hanging peppers and the enormous lemons with this awesome ceramic vase that was outside a shop front in Positanio which is a beautiful town on the Amalfi coast just a short distance from where I took the photo for the Amalfi Coast painting.
This town was wonderful !!! It was full of beauty. Both a joy to the eyes but also to the tongue. We sampled and bought some of their lemmoncello. A refreshing liquor served chilled in the daity little glasses.
This is one of my favorite paintingsbut I am now releasing it to the universe and truely hoping it will bring someone else joy.

Saint David's Art Show & Sale ( Oct. 22& 23)

Friday Evening 730-930pm and Saturday 10 am-5pm October 22&22. Saint Davids United Church 7 Gondola Point Road, Rothesay N.B. Will be holding its annual Art Show & Sale.
This year I am putting in two pieces from myMediterranean Moments collection , A winter scene and flowers.
This Painting is framed 18.5 X 21.. It is from a photo I took of the Amalfi coastline.
I took this photo while on a tour bus.. There are three buses ahead of us that are in the painting.
The roads are very narrow and when we met a bus comming in the other direction a couple of times their side mirrors almost touch. Beautiful countryside!!!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Poster from opening at Klausen's Gallery Oct.15/10

This is the second opening/Gallery Hop that Klausen's Gallery on Prince William Street in Saint John , N.B. has featured our artist trading cards for sale.
This poster has four of my cards on it and the previous one had my cards on it as well.
This is a great opportunity for a collector to purchase small works and also makes original works available to the masses.
Klausen's also has clever unique frames available for these works. He has catalogues on site with works by saeveral artists.
This Wednesday the artists are getting together to trade cards amongst our selves and brainstorm ways to promote our art.
Anyone interested in purchasing cards can e-mail me at I sell mine for $25. and c an do any subject you are interested in. I would also be interested in Trading card with fellow artists

Monday, September 13, 2010

Betty's Dog Commission

Just did this small 5x7 painting for one of the nurses I work with. She wishes to give it to a friend whom used to own this dog before it died.
It is the third commission I have done for Betty.
I tried a new method with this painting by painting the background first and rubbing out the light areas while it was still wet.
I quite enjoyed this and like the effect it gave to the dogs fur.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sewing Room Window WIP

Due to our rainy day this painting I started inside. I mean "inside" it is the view out the window in the upstairs sewing room of the Sherbrooke Jail.
I just have some highlights and shadows to add to this one.
The room contained a lovely spinning wheel as well as other interesting items but I had time restrants so they will have to be later paintings.
Will post these when they are finished as well as Lily's poitrait.
Thanks for stopping by.

Sherbrooke Village View WIP

This is the second Painting I worked on however due to the rain on Wed. I was not able to finish it there and will complete it here at home. In the background is the schoolhouse where we met for demos and critiques.
Behind the school is the church that you can just see the steeple of.
There were many interesting subjects there but I wanted as much outside time as possible so I picked this scene.


August 9th-12th I took a watercolor workshop in N.S. at Sherbrooke Village which is a village restored like a museum of the 1800's.The worksop was given by Susan Patterson CSPW. Since we were scattered over the village there was not alot of one on one but I found some of her demos wonderful and I enjoyed it.When I first arrived at the house were we stayed there were several crows on this fence and I found the scene very peaceful. This scene was right outside the house where I stayed.
The house had actually belonged to Susan's grandmother before the government took it over as a heritage site.
This week was also a very stressful time for me as I was experiencing the death of a friendship for reasons I could not understand.
I guess the lone crow represents myselfand the fact that being an artist is really a solitary experience that can only be shared when the work is completed.
It was good to be pushed again to paint outside away from photos and my confort zone.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gold Mask Finished

My Gold Mask is finally finished.
The final touch was a Swarovski crystal in the shape of a snowflake that I added to the center of the forehead.
It is clear in color but in this photo picked up the green from the background despite being glued on gold leaf.
Now to find my next Mask.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Princess Lily Grace WIP Step3

I have added some more color to her face but need to work on the eyes a lot more and put on her brows. This humid weather has made the drying time long.
I have just roughly filled in her hair and find a cartoon like quality to the painting at this point.
I have too hard of an edge on the right side of her face and I will be softening that.
Keep watching as I progress.

Gold Mask WIP 1 step to go

Well just one more step to go. I have just added the final jewel to the point of the mas where the feathers join so I will be able to show you the finished product in my next post.
Here I have worked some more on the Lilies and the background as well I have applied more gold leaf.
This is the third in my Mask series.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gold Mask WIP

I have almost finished my gold mask. Tonight I removed the central rhinestone and added more gold leaf to that area to cover the white feather edges and pull the whole mask together. I just have a few details left to finish like the stamens in the lilys and to make the book come foreward.

Princess Lily Grace WIP Step 2

I have worked abit more on my painting of Lily. Unfortunately tonight was the first night in over two weeks that I have painted. I need to decipline myself to get back at at least an hour a day.

I have started working on the eyes and the jewels in her crown as well as inhance her flesh tones.

I will soon start working on the hair so that I can pull all the colors together.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Photo of Lily I am working from

This photo I took of Lily on her 4th birthday.
I am using it as my reference photo.
I have only nine more people to go to make 500 visitors to my site. Be the five hundredth person and write a comment and I will send you an artist trading card.
Simply comment and send me your mailing address or e-mail so I can contact you for it!!!!

Princess Lily Grace WIP step 1

I have started this watercolor painting of my granddaughter. I gave her this crown and jewelry set on her fourth birthday and she loves dressing up in it.
Sat. June 5th I had the pleasure of getting some art instruction from Ann Blach.
I hope I can emulate what she taught me.
Her work is spectacular!!!
Check out her work at Gallery 78 in Fredericton. Her show Measha can be seen under the Artist name.
I hope to take futher instruction from her.

Waterlily WIP

Since my underpainting of yellow was so strong it has made my Lily a deep coral color instead of a nice glowing pink that I was going for.
It just shows that art is a continuing learning process. I will keep working on this and see where it takes me.

Bouquet finished

I have finished the three color bouquet I was working on.
The colors used were Alizarin(permanent),cobolt blue and Quin.Gold

Gold Mask WIP

I have finally worked some more on the Gold Mask. You can see I added some feathers and gems as well as futher defining the flowers. Unfortunately when I shook the gold leaf pen that I used to futher define the mask the tip flew out and sprinkled gold mask fluid on my roses. I am letting it dry the either trying to lift it or including babies breath with the roses.. I do not find the center gem is lining up so I plan to build up that area more and apply more gold leaf sheeting over it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My new Grandson Griffin

This is a photo of my new grandson Griffin taken earlier this evening. He is only 6 days old now.
I have had a hectic two weeks with a visit from my sister Memi, My husband was home for a week. Netherwood art show.The gallery hop at Klaussens. Then Griffin born just before Memi went back to Winnipeg and Nick left the next day for a couple of months.
Sat. I came down with the fiu that I am still getting over.
I will post more painting within the next week.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gold Mask WIP

This week I have worked mainly on the flowers. The roses in the forground were white in my original photograph but I felt that the red would suit the mood I wish to convey better.
The Lilies are slowly starting to take some depth as well.
I have been looking for a canidian distrubitor of Ampersand board with a 2-2 1/2 inch depth so I can mount this painting and not have to put it under glass when it is finished.
I plan to add real feathers to the mask and rhinestones as well so if anyone can suggest where I can obtain a way of mounting this please contact me.
Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Waterlily WIP

This step in the process was to add an under painting of of both a warm and a cool yellow to hopefully establish a glow when this pink lily is finished. Stay tuned for updates!!!!

Bouquet WIP (Work in progress)

I worked some more on this painting Sunday evening however it still has a ways to go.
I have only used three colors to do this painting so it is really just a color study.
I am finding it difficult to get the depth of greens I would like out of the colors I chose.

Artist Trading Cards

The Artist Trading cards measure two inches by three inches and so far this is the only card I have been able to photograph with any sucess and even this is a bit blurry.
I have landscapes as well as animals and flowers available.
the opening is May 7th but what does not sell that night will be at Klaussen's for the month of May.
It is an art form that most people could afford and it is fun collecting other artists cards!!
I will try to photograph others if we get a bright day before I take them in.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Opening of Artist Trading Cards Show May 7th

I have been working on Artist Trading cards for the last couple of weeks and only tonight went back to my other works.
Two in the middle of this poster are mine.
I will post the ones I painted this past week next chance I get.
Hope if you live locally you can attend. It is Gallery hop night and the Friday night the Art show opens at Netherwood in which I have three Paintings.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Self Poitrait (Anniversary Gift to my husband 2008)

I am presently way layed from the masks etc. I have been working on as I stopped into the Gallery that represents me here in Saint John,Klaussen's Gallery and Framing and he asked me to do a small series of Artist Trading Cards for an opening and Gallery Hop on May 7th. I have painted nine so far and will post some soon but decided to post this self poitrait I did for my husband a couple of years ago.
I will resume my other paintings as soon as I can.
T also spent today making baby curtains for my soon to be born grandson's room.
Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ice Cold Cocoanuts

This painting I did several years ago as a gift for my husbands birthday which was March 25th,
At the time he sold cars for King Mazda in Saint John, N.B.
I had taken this photo In Port of Spain,Trinidad when we were there on holiday the Jan. before.
The old Mazda Truck was so loaded down with cocoanuts and had a flat tire that it looked like it might topple over any minute.

Bouquet Wip

Still working on this Triadiac painting. I have added more layers and some of the flowers are starting to take shape now
Just a bit futher to go. Still debating about adding some ink.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cone flowers & Sunflowers

This is a painting that I sold at RCS Netherwood sale a couple of years ago. I still have prints of this painting in both8x10 and 5x7.
RCS Netherwood sale is Fri & Sat in May each year over the Mothers Day weekend.
I am still trying to decide which paintings to put in the sale this year.
This painting is watercolor with pen & ink and I like the added effect with the ink.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bouquet WIP

This is a bouquet of flowers I am also working on. It is an experiment using only three colors.
Cobolt blue, and Permanent rose.
I am not happy with it yet but Iam not a quitter so I will work through the next stages .
Right now I am tempted to add some ink to define the flowers more but I may just paint some more first.
Now I have finished the quilt for my future grandson Ican get back to painting more.

Waterlily WIP

I often work on several paintings at a time so that I allow my paint to dry and do not overwork one.
This one I started last week. I have put the masking down for the highlights and have put two layers on for the background.

Gold Mask WIP

I have started adding the background and also begun the roses. The mask now has a second layer of gold leaf over it and I will add the feather and Rhinestones last after all the painting is done.
I just removed the Masking and I quite like the white outlines. I am debating wether to put any paint on them.
This is part of the creative process,to take your photo and expand on it.

Anniversary Bouquet from my Husband

My wonderful husband sent me this beautiful Bouquet for our 33rd anniversary on Friday.
Both Nick & I love flowers and on occasion I have even bought them for him. This was only the second anniversary we have not been together for in 33 years but we have so much fun when we are together that he also creates the beauty in my world.
Today at my youngest sons partners baby shower I really thought about how fast time goes and we need to cherish everyday.
I painted our 30th bouquet so no doubt this or one of the other photos frm it may be a future painting. They had no Birds of Paridise or he would have included them!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Gold Mask WIP

I have started working on the background and on the flowers. In my reference photo the roses are white but I am now thinking I will paint them red. I have real feathers and jewels to affix to the mask but I will complete the painting part first.
I am hoping to affix this 3oolb watercolor paper to ampersand board and fix it so it does not require a frame.
I am trying to find a canadian source for the type of cradled board i want to make it Gallery quality.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baby Quilt

Sorry I have not updated my blog for awhile as I am working on a Quilt for my grandchild that is expected in May . I have ordered a border and stick on decals for the baby room with a baby Animal theme that Aaron & Amanda liked. We believe the baby will be a boy!!!!
I have not done much more on my Gold Mask.
Will give you an update in the next few days.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Gold Mask Step 2 WIP

I have now applied the first lst layer of gold leaf. I was hoping it would go smoothly over the texture but it did not. It is not smooth with the raised areas but I still think it is turning out interesting.
I have also now decided to go with real feathers and rhinestones for its decoration.
The next step will be to do the background and the watercolor part.

Gold Mask Step 1

Started on another Mediterranean Mask . This one is a partial mask which is half gold.
Iwant to apply alot more gold leaf to this one but first I wanted to build up texture so after the mask was drawn I added Texture Magic dimensional Paint in white . The Yellow color and blue-green are masking.
This is very experimental for me as I have not used this texture product before.
Beside the mask are roses and Lilys.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Male & Female Mask

Here is my Male and Female mask side by side.
I am pleased with how they both turnen out.
My next mask is underway now and includes even more gold.
Guess like the rest of Team Canada Gold is on our minds right now!!!!!!!

Male Venetian Mask Finished

I finished the Male Venetian Mask tonight by adding sheet music to his cheeks and forehead then surrounding it with gold leaf ink.
I am enjoying working with this gold leaf to accent my watercolor.Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Male Venitian Mask WIP

I have now added the gold leaf to the surounding face area of the mask and to the bells at the tips of the tassels.I have used 18 k gold leaf marker(acid Free) to the edges of the tassels and the decoration on the face.
Just a bit more to go!!!

Amaryllis Finished

Finished this painting on the weekend, but I will study it a bit more as I need to make the centers receide more which is hard to do and keep it reading white.
Any suggestions???

Friday, February 19, 2010

Syds Amaryllis WIP

I often work on a few things at a time so you will see various posts on my site.
I have been working on my mediterranean inspiration but daily see beauty in my local world as well that inspires me.
Last year I purchased some amaryllis that were supposed to be this color but after several months and no progress I took mine back to Halifax Seed and got some white ones that were futher along so they would bloom for Christmas.
One of my patients Syd had this beautiful Amaryllis that I had tried to grow so I asked him if I could photograph his and now I am painting it.