Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cone flowers & Sunflowers

This is a painting that I sold at RCS Netherwood sale a couple of years ago. I still have prints of this painting in both8x10 and 5x7.
RCS Netherwood sale is Fri & Sat in May each year over the Mothers Day weekend.
I am still trying to decide which paintings to put in the sale this year.
This painting is watercolor with pen & ink and I like the added effect with the ink.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bouquet WIP

This is a bouquet of flowers I am also working on. It is an experiment using only three colors.
Cobolt blue, and Permanent rose.
I am not happy with it yet but Iam not a quitter so I will work through the next stages .
Right now I am tempted to add some ink to define the flowers more but I may just paint some more first.
Now I have finished the quilt for my future grandson Ican get back to painting more.

Waterlily WIP

I often work on several paintings at a time so that I allow my paint to dry and do not overwork one.
This one I started last week. I have put the masking down for the highlights and have put two layers on for the background.

Gold Mask WIP

I have started adding the background and also begun the roses. The mask now has a second layer of gold leaf over it and I will add the feather and Rhinestones last after all the painting is done.
I just removed the Masking and I quite like the white outlines. I am debating wether to put any paint on them.
This is part of the creative process,to take your photo and expand on it.

Anniversary Bouquet from my Husband

My wonderful husband sent me this beautiful Bouquet for our 33rd anniversary on Friday.
Both Nick & I love flowers and on occasion I have even bought them for him. This was only the second anniversary we have not been together for in 33 years but we have so much fun when we are together that he also creates the beauty in my world.
Today at my youngest sons partners baby shower I really thought about how fast time goes and we need to cherish everyday.
I painted our 30th bouquet so no doubt this or one of the other photos frm it may be a future painting. They had no Birds of Paridise or he would have included them!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Gold Mask WIP

I have started working on the background and on the flowers. In my reference photo the roses are white but I am now thinking I will paint them red. I have real feathers and jewels to affix to the mask but I will complete the painting part first.
I am hoping to affix this 3oolb watercolor paper to ampersand board and fix it so it does not require a frame.
I am trying to find a canadian source for the type of cradled board i want to make it Gallery quality.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baby Quilt

Sorry I have not updated my blog for awhile as I am working on a Quilt for my grandchild that is expected in May . I have ordered a border and stick on decals for the baby room with a baby Animal theme that Aaron & Amanda liked. We believe the baby will be a boy!!!!
I have not done much more on my Gold Mask.
Will give you an update in the next few days.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Gold Mask Step 2 WIP

I have now applied the first lst layer of gold leaf. I was hoping it would go smoothly over the texture but it did not. It is not smooth with the raised areas but I still think it is turning out interesting.
I have also now decided to go with real feathers and rhinestones for its decoration.
The next step will be to do the background and the watercolor part.

Gold Mask Step 1

Started on another Mediterranean Mask . This one is a partial mask which is half gold.
Iwant to apply alot more gold leaf to this one but first I wanted to build up texture so after the mask was drawn I added Texture Magic dimensional Paint in white . The Yellow color and blue-green are masking.
This is very experimental for me as I have not used this texture product before.
Beside the mask are roses and Lilys.