Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Silver Birches at Fisher Lakes

 This is my most recent painting. It is at Fisher Lakes in Rockwood Park,Saint John ,N.B. about a twenty minute drive from my home. It was done with a limited palate. I used miskit   to save the trees while I painted in the sky and the background. On the other side of this painting I tried to negative paint and leave the white,but it was painful and very unsuccessful. I did have a problem with my masking though as the blue colored miskit I used remained a bit tacky and was not easily removed when the time came to paint the trees. The leaves were done with gold leaf flakes. I had previously done a painting this way that sold right away. Hopefully this one will as well.
  Currently I  am also working on another Portrait of an elderly man for a Christmas gift.(Commission).

Joyce & Jim's House

This is my latest house commission that I painted for one of the nurses I work with. It is a painting of her home that she gave her husband for his 65th birthday on Nov.22nd.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Child's Poitrait

This is my latest commission. This little boy has beautiful brown hair and brown eyes.
 Colors used were, burnt umber, cad red, windsor blue,cadium yellow,sepia,vandyke brown and ultra marine blue. The flesh tones were made with combinations of these colors.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Leslie's Birthday Gift

Today is my baby sister's Fiftieth Birthday. These are the paintings I did as a surprise gift for her.
  I did them from photos they posted of their trip in Hawaii.  The first painting is Leslie's wife Colleen walking on the beach and the bottom one is my sister Leslie. They are presently celebrating in the Dominican!