Sunday, February 28, 2010

Male & Female Mask

Here is my Male and Female mask side by side.
I am pleased with how they both turnen out.
My next mask is underway now and includes even more gold.
Guess like the rest of Team Canada Gold is on our minds right now!!!!!!!

Male Venetian Mask Finished

I finished the Male Venetian Mask tonight by adding sheet music to his cheeks and forehead then surrounding it with gold leaf ink.
I am enjoying working with this gold leaf to accent my watercolor.Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Male Venitian Mask WIP

I have now added the gold leaf to the surounding face area of the mask and to the bells at the tips of the tassels.I have used 18 k gold leaf marker(acid Free) to the edges of the tassels and the decoration on the face.
Just a bit more to go!!!

Amaryllis Finished

Finished this painting on the weekend, but I will study it a bit more as I need to make the centers receide more which is hard to do and keep it reading white.
Any suggestions???

Friday, February 19, 2010

Syds Amaryllis WIP

I often work on a few things at a time so you will see various posts on my site.
I have been working on my mediterranean inspiration but daily see beauty in my local world as well that inspires me.
Last year I purchased some amaryllis that were supposed to be this color but after several months and no progress I took mine back to Halifax Seed and got some white ones that were futher along so they would bloom for Christmas.
One of my patients Syd had this beautiful Amaryllis that I had tried to grow so I asked him if I could photograph his and now I am painting it.

Syds Amaryallis WIP

Step one. The sketch and the masking

Male Mask Step 3

I have added some gold ink and intensified the depth of color in the mask. Futher work has also been done on the antique art books.
Now to remove the masking and apply the gold leaf.
This is the Scarey part!!!!

Dahhh Finished ( Alpacha Haircut)

This guy cracks me up!!! You have to love the hair cut and his buck teeth.
The poor guy cannot even see where he is going.
I often pass by his herd when I am working at my nursing job at least three days a week and he always brings a smile to my face.
Hope you enjoy him as well!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Male Mask WIP step 2

This painting will probably take me a while as I do not seem to find the time I need.
My heart and head are ready but working full time and late some days cuts into my painting time.
I need to express to the universe my true desire to paint and the time will appear.
I have to admit that helping people in need also fulfills me so we need to find a balance.
I had my Tarot cards read this past week and was told that she could see me putting words with my art.
I have had three childrens books in mind for awhile so I guess I should persue those.
Life is so interesting and holds so many stories just waiting to be told.Maybe I started with painting and should have persued my story telling first.
I love the beautyinmyworld and want to share it!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Male Venetian Mask Wip Step 1

Just started this painting of a masculine mask I bought last year in Venice. I posed it against my Req. wall on top of some antique art books I own.
I think the colors will go very well with the female mask I just finished.
I also plan on using gold leaf on this mask.

Dahhh WIP

Sorry I have not posted in a while as I was in the
Caribbean. Now I am back to the cold reality . I did though, get more inspiration and great photos of flowers, trees birds and Iguana's for future paintings.
I have about five paintings on the go now.
Just a bit left to do on this funny guy. I get quite a kick out of their haircuts not to mention his buck teeth.