Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Floral Study1


I have also been working on a floral painting while I have been painting Griffin. This one is of  orange roses,tulips carnations and others.

Griffin & Bear Step 6

 I have been away so just got back at my painting of my grandson Griffin and his Bear. Griffin loves bear and he is a usual companion with him. I owned three white teddy bears and I have given them to Griffin so he has one at both his mom & his dads as well as one here at Nana's. They are quite similar but this one seems to be his favorite. It is fun to see old pictures with bear in it and hear Griffin comment on them as he doesn't seem to realize I had bear before he existed.
   Last night I worked some on lightening Griffins hair as it is really more blonde than red but looks different in various photos and now a darker blond than last summer. I have also started to define Bear by using some blue greys and yellow. I am now trying to decide on background before I put the fine touches on his face and eyes as the background may lighten it enough. I need to do some value studies to determine what I should do for the background as I don't want to ruin it now.