Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Nieces Cat Lulu

Tonight I have also carved my nieces Sam & Emma's Bengal Cat Lulu.
Unfortunately they live in Winnipeg so they will only see this post but I am sure they will be pleased with it.
I will also take it to work for a silent auction for our Christmas Family.
I also want to remind locals of the Art Show at St. Davids this weekend. Opening Fri. Night . I also have Artist cards at Klaussen's. Gallery Hop Fri evening. Oct.28th 5-7pm

Scary Tree & Bats

This Pumpkin I have done to try to raise Money at a silent auction for the Christmas Family we will support this year.

Marlene's Owl

This Pumpkin I did for a friend who loves Owls.
She loved it so much she cried when I gave it to her as a surprise.
Unfortunately I was not able to capture his true beauty as each feather actually lets the light through where his wings and head have feathers.
It makes me feel good to make other people happy.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Janices Dog (Sheltie)

I did not have a photo of Janice's Sheltie but went by one on line.Shelties look like miniature collies.
They have very long fur and long pointed noses.
Hope you like it Janice. Janice is the Dietitian at KV EMP where I work.

Allyson's puppy Bella

Bella is another Nurse Allyson's dog. Bella is a short haired tan dog of mixed breed.
She has prim little ears that she holds proudly. she reminds me a bit of Scamp and Rascal who were dogs I had when my boys were little.
Hope you like herAllyson!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Joyce's Bernese Mountain Dog Pumpkin

Another Puppy Pumpkin done. This is for another nurse I work with whose name is Joyce. She has a Bernese mountain dog puppy. Hope you like him Joyce. I tried to send the photo to you but it said your firewall stopped it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cindy's Clancy

Cindy's Dog Clancy. I am really glad you liked your surprise .
He was fun to do and he greeted me when I drove in your yard to drop him off.
Tell all your friends, next year they will be for sale!!

Christines Rudy

This is Rudy, Christine's dog.She gave me my Quaker Parrot Diego so that she could get Rudy.He is a beautiful Puppy but I would not trade Diego now for anything.
I am happy that she is happy though, and pleased that she likes her pumpkin.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Schnauzer Pumpkin

I carved this Puppy tonight for Carol Ann my Boss for Bosses week. It needs a light in it to fully appreciate it and for his eyes to show better. I was having a problem to photograph it that way though.
Hope she likes it. It is actually from a stencil i got at BHG not my own drawing.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Collie Pumpkin

I did this Collie Pumpkin for my friend and administrative assistant at Extra Mural where I am a nurse.
Sue raises and shows Collies.My older sister also has a collie and my dog as a child and growing up was a Collie.
In the original photo behind the pumpkin you see the ears are not prominent so I did not think the first attempt looked right . I attempted tonight to make the ears more pronounced.
This was done with Faber -Castell Pitt Artist Pen Bold Indian Ink,Prismacolor Gold and Jiffy Art-Line 400 White acrylic Paint Marker.
Hope Sue likes it now. Happy Birthday Sue!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My three birds on Pumpkins

I have started decorating my Pumpkins for Halloween. This year instead of the usual Black Crow I decided to do my own birds.
Spike,my male cocktail,Puffy my female Cocktail and Diego my Quaker Parrot.These were all done with a Pitt permanent Indian Ink bold Pen. The white is a white acrylic marker I have. The Green on Diego is the color of that Pumpkin. On Puffy I just used the ink lighter and burnished it with my finger for shading. I also used a Mr. Clean Magic erase to remove some Ink I did not want.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Birch Grove Step 6---Finished

To finish off this painting I have added some evergreens in the background, Grasses in the lower right hand corner and enhanced the dark's in the bark.
Unfortunately this painting cannot be fully appreciated unless viewed in person.
This is one of the paintings I am putting in St. Davids Art Show on the 28,29th of October.

Fall Birch Grove Step 5

Tonight I have added gold leaf flakes to represent the fall leaves.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Birch Grove Step 4

I have added some texture and depth to the trees by using the same colors. This is where I am stopping for tonight.

Fall Birch Grove Step3

In this step I started by adding a light wash of Cad.Yellow Orange to the tree trunks. I then made a gays in various values by mixing the cad. Yellow orange with my sky mixture.

Fall Birch Grove Step2

This step simply shows the masking has been removed

Fall Biirch Grove Step 1

Step one shows that I have sketched in the larger birch trees and then added masking to retain the white paper of the trees while I put on a thin wash of cobalt blue with a little ultramarine blue mixed in for the back ground sky.
I gently blotted the top third of the painting to keep the sky light.