Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Collie Pumpkin

I did this Collie Pumpkin for my friend and administrative assistant at Extra Mural where I am a nurse.
Sue raises and shows Collies.My older sister also has a collie and my dog as a child and growing up was a Collie.
In the original photo behind the pumpkin you see the ears are not prominent so I did not think the first attempt looked right . I attempted tonight to make the ears more pronounced.
This was done with Faber -Castell Pitt Artist Pen Bold Indian Ink,Prismacolor Gold and Jiffy Art-Line 400 White acrylic Paint Marker.
Hope Sue likes it now. Happy Birthday Sue!


  1. Hi Jocelyn, I'm trying to send a comment to you but you're blog host doesn't seem to want to post it. I'm trying one more time. Love your work.
    Jill Brock

  2. Thanks Jill for being persistent. I wondered why I don't get more comments.