Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Photo of Lily I am working from

This photo I took of Lily on her 4th birthday.
I am using it as my reference photo.
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Princess Lily Grace WIP step 1

I have started this watercolor painting of my granddaughter. I gave her this crown and jewelry set on her fourth birthday and she loves dressing up in it.
Sat. June 5th I had the pleasure of getting some art instruction from Ann Blach.
I hope I can emulate what she taught me.
Her work is spectacular!!!
Check out her work at Gallery 78 in Fredericton. Her show Measha can be seen under the Artist name.
I hope to take futher instruction from her.

Waterlily WIP

Since my underpainting of yellow was so strong it has made my Lily a deep coral color instead of a nice glowing pink that I was going for.
It just shows that art is a continuing learning process. I will keep working on this and see where it takes me.

Bouquet finished

I have finished the three color bouquet I was working on.
The colors used were Alizarin(permanent),cobolt blue and Quin.Gold

Gold Mask WIP

I have finally worked some more on the Gold Mask. You can see I added some feathers and gems as well as futher defining the flowers. Unfortunately when I shook the gold leaf pen that I used to futher define the mask the tip flew out and sprinkled gold mask fluid on my roses. I am letting it dry the either trying to lift it or including babies breath with the roses.. I do not find the center gem is lining up so I plan to build up that area more and apply more gold leaf sheeting over it.