Friday, April 15, 2011

Skittles Family Step 1

This painting is from a photo I took of these georgous baby birds that were hatched by the same avian breeder that I got my cockiteils from.

I have called it Skittles Family as one of Erica's birds like these was called Skittles. You will see why as the painting progresses.

I have started with the drawing and added a couple of washes to both the sky and the ground.

I have used a salt technique to add texture to the ground.

Blue Mask finished

I have now finished "The Blue Mask" The final step was spraying it with two coats of Fixative.

I have added silver to the mask itself as well as the ornament on the right side of the mask where the feathers attach

The edges of the canvas have been painted with black acrylic.

This painting is certainly now mixed media!!!

I look forward to any comments or suggestions.

I hope to be able to use just watercolor on my next canvas but there certainly is a learning curve with the canvas as compared with 300 lb Arches coldpress paper.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Blue Mask Step 7

This photo shows the background still wet where I have applied Turpnoid to the pastel.

I have also defined the plumage abit more.

When this dries I will add the finishing touches.