Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Peony & Lace Step 3

This step has been achieved by many layers of greens, blues and some yellows. I am now trying to build depth by putting in my dark's for contrast. I have used some negative painting which I am not really comfortable with yet.

Peony & Lace Step 2

In step two I have started to define the greens os the leaves,stems and background.

Peony & Lace WIP Step1

Step 1 is the sketch of Peony 7 Lace with masking over the Queen Anne's lace to preserve the white flowers. My plan for this painting is to do the background firs tand leave the peony until last.

Wolf in Winter step 3

In this step I have started putting in some ink with my Pitt o.5 pen of archival ink.
I have added more sepia,burnt umber and sienna and then a light wash of ultramarine blue over it
I have two other paintings I am working on as well. I find if I alternate between them it gives time for my watercolor to dry without going back in too soon or overworking a piece.
I also like to vary the details as well as the subjects.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Goblin Head 2

This little guy was actually the first one he made I like the expression on his face. He makes me think of Homer Simpson saying Doooh!

Lee's Glass Goblin Heads

This is a little glass head that my son Lee made this past week.
I think they are so ugly that they are cute.
I especially love the nose on this guy and the little wart on the tip of his nose.
He has a hole through him so it can be worn as a pendant or hung off your car mirror.
I've put in my order for one as I love them!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Underside of Glass Octopus

This is the dorsal side of Lee's Octopus. Unfortunately this photo does not do it justice. the colors are beautiful and he has meticulously placed on each sucker on each of its tentacles.
The dorsal side is more beautiful than when it is upright.
To see more of his glass look back at past posts.
If interested in viewing his glass pendants that are for sale e-mail me at jocelynbichard@gmail.com

Glass Octopus

My middle son Lee is a Glass Artist.
This is a glass sculpture of an octopus that he made this past week.
It is about the size of a large hand. He has it displayed on a beach rock from the alantic ocean beach near his home.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day (Three Hearts)

Three Hearts is a 14x22 inch Collage painting I did a few years ago. It consists of several kinds of paper including rice paper along with a photo of a spider. I also used gold leaf in it.
The hearts tell a story of love lost over jealousy and love refound. The broken heart oon the left is gone and now the yellow shy heart combines with the new heart in the center for long lasting love. the gold dragonflies represent hope.
Happy Valentines to all my friends and blog followers!!

Wolf in Winter Step2

In the second step of this painting I have started the background. The sky is cobalt blue with a light purple mixture added.
The birches have some of the same blue with raw umber and burnt sienna.
The wolf has had more burnt sienna and I have started some greys by using Windsor blue and or ultramarine blue in places over the browns mixing on the paper. I will also mix greys in the pallette.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wolf in Winter Step1

Have you seen "The Grey"? starring Liam Neeson
It was very inspiring but also very scarey.
These large wolves appear to thrive for winter and can be fierce but are also beautiful.
I have started this 8x10 painting with an undercoat on the wolf of sienna and burnt umber. I plan to build up the layers of fur and have the brown mix with blue and red to give my greys.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Iris Finished

Added a few finishing touches and the Iris is completed.