Friday, May 6, 2011

The Iris

This painting of a purple Iris is done in soft Pastel on black Stonehedge paper.

I also did this painting a few years ago but would like to share it with my followers and wish all mothers a Happy Mothers Day.

I love working in Pastel and must get back at it. Although I am not as detailed I still like its empressionistic manner.

The other thing I love about Pastel is the brillant pure pigment you can put on the paper!!!!

Spike & Puffy

This is a watercolor painting I did a couple of years ago of my pet birds Spike and Puffy.

They are white faced Cockiteils. Spike is the male and he has the all white face while Puffy the female is dappled in color and her tail feathers are especially dappled.

Spike now looks more like a baby eagle.

They both have very destinct personalities. Spike can saw Hello which he does in the am, when the phone rings and when the door bell goes. Puffy does not speak but can make herself know.

Spike can also whistle "Pop goes the wheasle" which my husband taught him. He will often whisle it to Puffy, your feet or his favorite thing "the Phone book"

My birds are really beauty in my world. They helped me through cancer treatment and are always there for me with a special greeting. Pets are Gods gifts to us, like children they fulfill our lives!!!


This painting is also available at RNS Show.

It is of the panman in Castera, Tobago, West Indies.

I did it several years ago and have sold many prints of this original painting.

He only knew a couple of songs but he was a great entertainer.

I did not have a photo to put on RNS site so I post it now


This painting is called Siesta time in Venice as you can see the Gondilear taking a break.

It is also watercolor and another painting in my series Mediterranean Moments.

The sale at RNS goes tonight until late tomorrow afternoon.


Tonight is the opening at Rothesay Netherwood School Art Show. Go to then Whats happening)

I have three paintings for sale there.

This one is Positano Shop Front from My Mediterranean Moments series.

I combined a photo of the shopfront with another shop that had the beautiful colorful peppers hanging outside it.