Monday, September 13, 2010

Betty's Dog Commission

Just did this small 5x7 painting for one of the nurses I work with. She wishes to give it to a friend whom used to own this dog before it died.
It is the third commission I have done for Betty.
I tried a new method with this painting by painting the background first and rubbing out the light areas while it was still wet.
I quite enjoyed this and like the effect it gave to the dogs fur.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sewing Room Window WIP

Due to our rainy day this painting I started inside. I mean "inside" it is the view out the window in the upstairs sewing room of the Sherbrooke Jail.
I just have some highlights and shadows to add to this one.
The room contained a lovely spinning wheel as well as other interesting items but I had time restrants so they will have to be later paintings.
Will post these when they are finished as well as Lily's poitrait.
Thanks for stopping by.

Sherbrooke Village View WIP

This is the second Painting I worked on however due to the rain on Wed. I was not able to finish it there and will complete it here at home. In the background is the schoolhouse where we met for demos and critiques.
Behind the school is the church that you can just see the steeple of.
There were many interesting subjects there but I wanted as much outside time as possible so I picked this scene.


August 9th-12th I took a watercolor workshop in N.S. at Sherbrooke Village which is a village restored like a museum of the 1800's.The worksop was given by Susan Patterson CSPW. Since we were scattered over the village there was not alot of one on one but I found some of her demos wonderful and I enjoyed it.When I first arrived at the house were we stayed there were several crows on this fence and I found the scene very peaceful. This scene was right outside the house where I stayed.
The house had actually belonged to Susan's grandmother before the government took it over as a heritage site.
This week was also a very stressful time for me as I was experiencing the death of a friendship for reasons I could not understand.
I guess the lone crow represents myselfand the fact that being an artist is really a solitary experience that can only be shared when the work is completed.
It was good to be pushed again to paint outside away from photos and my confort zone.