Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Tea

Finished Sunday Tea today.  8X10 watercolor on 3oolb Watercolor Paper.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sunday Tea WIP

Just started this new 8x10 watercolor but wanted to advise my blog followers that I have a Facebook page called Art in My World  that you can also Follow me on. The purpose of my Facebook site is to show other people interested in Art whats happening in my area art wise as well as Countries I have visited.
         I will be advising you of Videos and educational sites I have found on learning more about Art  and creating your own. Hopefully it can be a two way street where you can also advise me and my followers what you feel would benefit other Art Lovers!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Belleisle Community Centre Embroidery Fibre Art Showcase

The Felt Animals are by McBride House who has works for sale on Etsy at


This is a painting I have done for a wedding gift.This beautiful Boxer belongs to a nice lady who is got married  on Sat Oct3rd The photo I took is beside it and that is what I worked from. If interested I do commissions at $2 a square inch.

In Style

This is another watercolor 8X10 in my bird series from photos taken in Tennerifee Zoo Canary Islands Spain.
 I loved his bright colors and his Mohawk hair but I did not get his actual Species ,if anyone knows it please let me know. He was in a large aviary with the parrots and McCaws. 

All in a Day's work

This is a 8x10 watercolor painting of a close up Hummingbird busily gathering nectar from some beautiful blue delphiniums. I started with an overall wash of lemon yellow to let the sunlight shine through everything. I often find it makes  my flowers  stand out but I do think it was a little overpowering in this piece. Beside regular watercolor I use my new inktense watercolor sticks in the delphiniums.The humming bird has some Faber Castell Pitt artist pen  used to outline and accent him.

Serving Trays for sale this past summer at Hampton's Bloomin Artist Exhibit & Sale

The first tray with the felted Rabbit is by Allyson Murphy. She is my granddaughters Lily & Molly's Mom and a wonderful Fiber artist as well as Manager of The New Brunswick Craft Council.The lobster tray is by Helen Schlineder