Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cindy's House Finished

I completed Cindy's house yesterday and took it to work for her today before I posted the finished product.
I double matted it with black then white matboard and she plans on getting a black frame for it.
She likes it very much and is excited to give it to her husband for his birthday next week.
Paintings make a great gift that you can actually share if you give it to family.
I do commissions on just about anything so let me know.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Cindy's House Step 6 WIP

Tonight I have removed the masking,added more depth to the roof and siding. I now need to go back in and straighten some of my lines .I then have the second small tree at the corner of the house and some fine detailsto add.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cindy's House Step 5 WIP

In this step I have added more to the shrubs and now done the planters along with the first coat for the flowers. The house is starting to have some demension now and I will be removing the masking and straightening the lines on the architecture itself.
I will also put a coat of paint on the trees.
Check back for my progress!!!!

Cindy's House Step 4 WIP

Here I have started filling in some of the colored siding as well as the shutters and the grass and hedges.
It looks a little rough and shakey at this point but another couple of steps and it should really start to come together.

Cindy's House Step3 WIP

The greenish blue colour seen in this shot is masking fluid to help me save the whites on the veranda and the well as the railing.

Cindy's House Step 2 WIP

Step 2 I have put another layer in the sky and on the pathway.

Cindy's House Step 1 Work in Progress (WIP)

Step 1 of this 8x10 watercolor painting I am doing for a nurse I work with to give her husband as a birthday gift.
I have sketched out the house and put the first layer in the sky and the pathway.