Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Crowning Glory

This is my second painting done with acrylic then covered with ground media, charcoal,eraser,pastel.
 I took the inspiration for this painting from a photo I took at Magnetic Hill Zoo this past summer. I loved the regal attitude of this beautiful bird.


This 12 x 16  painting started off being watercolor on watercolor canvas but I find it very difficult to paint watercolor on canvas. I then switched and painted with acrylic. I went over that with pumice ground and then pastel  My inspiration was baby conures that belonged to the lady I bought my cocktails from.I took this photo many years ago. I just loved their different expressions and could see their personalities shining through. I left the back ground very plan so that the birds would stand out.
 It is a very vibrant painting which unfortunately the photo and computer do not allow you to appreciate to its fullest.

The Trio

This is a mixed media painting of various color sunflowers. I used acrylic,media ground with glass in it for the centers and pastel. The Gold is acrylic.