Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gold Mask WIP

This week I have worked mainly on the flowers. The roses in the forground were white in my original photograph but I felt that the red would suit the mood I wish to convey better.
The Lilies are slowly starting to take some depth as well.
I have been looking for a canidian distrubitor of Ampersand board with a 2-2 1/2 inch depth so I can mount this painting and not have to put it under glass when it is finished.
I plan to add real feathers to the mask and rhinestones as well so if anyone can suggest where I can obtain a way of mounting this please contact me.
Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Waterlily WIP

This step in the process was to add an under painting of of both a warm and a cool yellow to hopefully establish a glow when this pink lily is finished. Stay tuned for updates!!!!

Bouquet WIP (Work in progress)

I worked some more on this painting Sunday evening however it still has a ways to go.
I have only used three colors to do this painting so it is really just a color study.
I am finding it difficult to get the depth of greens I would like out of the colors I chose.

Artist Trading Cards

The Artist Trading cards measure two inches by three inches and so far this is the only card I have been able to photograph with any sucess and even this is a bit blurry.
I have landscapes as well as animals and flowers available.
the opening is May 7th but what does not sell that night will be at Klaussen's for the month of May.
It is an art form that most people could afford and it is fun collecting other artists cards!!
I will try to photograph others if we get a bright day before I take them in.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Opening of Artist Trading Cards Show May 7th

I have been working on Artist Trading cards for the last couple of weeks and only tonight went back to my other works.
Two in the middle of this poster are mine.
I will post the ones I painted this past week next chance I get.
Hope if you live locally you can attend. It is Gallery hop night and the Friday night the Art show opens at Netherwood in which I have three Paintings.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Self Poitrait (Anniversary Gift to my husband 2008)

I am presently way layed from the masks etc. I have been working on as I stopped into the Gallery that represents me here in Saint John,Klaussen's Gallery and Framing and he asked me to do a small series of Artist Trading Cards for an opening and Gallery Hop on May 7th. I have painted nine so far and will post some soon but decided to post this self poitrait I did for my husband a couple of years ago.
I will resume my other paintings as soon as I can.
T also spent today making baby curtains for my soon to be born grandson's room.
Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ice Cold Cocoanuts

This painting I did several years ago as a gift for my husbands birthday which was March 25th,
At the time he sold cars for King Mazda in Saint John, N.B.
I had taken this photo In Port of Spain,Trinidad when we were there on holiday the Jan. before.
The old Mazda Truck was so loaded down with cocoanuts and had a flat tire that it looked like it might topple over any minute.

Bouquet Wip

Still working on this Triadiac painting. I have added more layers and some of the flowers are starting to take shape now
Just a bit futher to go. Still debating about adding some ink.