Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What to expect

I will be posting what I see as beauty in my world. I love alot of things so feel free to comment on them.

I paint watercolor and pastel but I want to try many things over this next year.

I have travelled alot and I use my photographs for reference.

I am currently changing jobs after 28 years working in a jail . I am up for new challanges and hope to increase my art work following.

I will be posting Photos as well as art work.

This weekend the 25th & 26th of July is Bloomin Artist in Hampton ,N.B.

A group of artists will be painting on site in Hampton's gardens etc. There will be silent auctions of our works as well as some framed works for sale. It is to sponser The John Humphries Foundation with some profit to the foundation and some to the artists. There are three auctions.

Come out and meet us.

We were given three wooden carved fish. three poles and a square board to come up with an artful project from it. I will post mine Friday Aug24th. I hope to get some photos of other works to post after the show for those that don't make it!!!

Hope you start following my blog and bear with my limited computer skills.

Today I am posting a photo of my neices Emma and Samatha with my grandaughter Lily in the middle.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Most Recent Art Exhibit

June5th-July10th show titled" Mediterranean Moments " held at Klausen"s Framing Gallery in Saint John, N.B.
I am presently looking for other venues.
I plan on posting some of these works in the next few days.
These are all watercolor but I also love Pastel.
The Paintings were done from photos I took during our Mediteranean cruise last Aug.