Thursday, December 31, 2009

Venitian Mask

This photo is showing you my gold leaf application.Tricky!!
I have to futher define the lines of gold leaf and finish the details of the mask.
This was an OH My God Moment applying the gold leaf and not knowing if I were going to ruin the whole thing.
Have you been there?????

Venitian Mask in progress

This is one of my more serious paintings I am working on for my Medditterean Moments series.
I was at a lull after my show at Klaussen's Gallery last June but I would like to do some works to replace those I have sold and prepare a portfolio for a new show in 2010!!!

Alpaca Hair Cut 2

No eyes to be seen. Just the hair to finish, some fur and those wonderful buck teeth!!!!

Alpaca Hair Cut or Dahhhh.....

This is from a photo i took of Alpaca's. I think they look so cute and funny that I wanted to paint this guy. I have worked on him for awhile now inbetween commissions I was working on.

Lily after the bath

I have been working on this for quite awhile or putting it on hold whitcher you call it .I have worked on alot of other things in the meantime.
Lily has on her Shark hooded towel and this pose reminded me of Vemeer's lady with the pearl earring.
She is such great inspiration to me.
I started with a yellow toned underpainting and am building up my watercolor with glazes.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Fawn on Christmas Eve

I worked Christmas Eve at my nursing job.
When I was going to see a patient on Darlings Island I was blessed to see a whole family of deer at a home on the Island.
When I slowed my car down to look at them this one looked at me and I took this photo. She then started to come over to the car and so did her twin sister.
People in the area must be feeding them as they were very tame. If I had food for them I am sure they would have eaten from my hand.
I plan on painting her!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Group of Four

These are the fellow artists I paint with at least once a week.
Krista and I get together more often.
Krista Hasson, myself (Jocelyn Bichard) Doreen Boyd and Van Martin.
It is great to bounce you ideas off fellow artists and share you ideas and knowledge.
These are also a great group of friends and we enjoy each others company.
We have all grown this past year in our art and plan on bigger and better things in the new year. Krista's blog http whatiskristapaintingnow has many followers and she has a show comming up this spring at Kingsbrae gardens in St. Andrews.
I am working on a couple of venues so will keep you posted on them in the New Year.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Finished Winter Wonderland 3

Due to its length I could not fit the whole painting in the photo.
Th majority of the painting is watercolor but I used some whit arcylic and burnt umber and white soft pastel as well. Fixative and a matte acrylic covering was sprayed over the whole painting and allowed to dry between layers.

Painting in a day. Working on Winterwonderland 3

I spent Sunday Dec 13 working on this painting as I cleaned my house. I created this 16x30 painting to put on the front of my filing cabinet over my desk at my office. The dietition who sits next to me decorated hers with wrapping paper and christmas bells. I had a lone ponisetta so I said I would do a painting for mine if I got a chance on the weekend.
I managed to get it completed by suppertime.
I would paint some and while it was drying do some housework.
I had a refrence photo from Kingston Pennisulia which is my Nursing territory. I masked then did an underpainting of Aureolin yellow. I then used Perylene green,indigo and burnt umber.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Syd Finished

Finished my painting of Syd tonight.
He is 94 years old and will be 95 in Jan.
He is blind in his left eye so it does not appear as clear as his right but I wanted it not to be quite as obvious as it is in person.
He is a wonderful person and I hope he will be happy with this gift(Tribute )I have done for him for Christmas.
He let me take the photo I painted this from as a gift for the Mail Ladies who are also care givers to him. I plan to give each of them a printed copy for Christmas.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winterwonderland III

A winterwonderland Painting #3 waiting to happen. Photo taken today on Kingston Pennisula.
Can you say "negative Painting?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Syd Step 4

Just one more evening of painting and I should have Syd done.
I work on about four different paintings at a time so one can be drying while I work on another. Now to remove the masking and put in more details.
I am also working on a cat, an alpaca and my granddaughters poitrait.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Syd Step 3

Worked a bit more on Syd last night while I was over at Krista's house.
I am really enjoying doing this painting. I think it will be a great surprize for him.
I love doing people with character and that he is.