Monday, April 3, 2017

Spider Bouquet

This bouquet I also painted in February.I took the reference photo for this looking down on the flowers and the vase from above to exaggerate the pedals of the mums.The carnations and white rose diminish in the grander of the mums.I did several light washes on one petal at a time.

Feburary Tulips

                                        This floral study of Tulips I did earlier in February.

Cindy & her Goldens

I did this painting for a nurse I work with. It is of her with her dog and her daughters dog. It was a fun painting to work on.for the flesh tones I used a mixture of Cad. red, lemon yellow and yellow ochre; alizarin crimson and burnt sienna; and for the shadows cad red,burnt sienna and cobolt blue.the dogs fur was light washes of yellow ochre and the second dog had some terra rose added.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trevi Fountain 2

This is my second painting of Trevi fountain and much smaller than my original painting. It is one of my favorite Roman landmarks.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Neals Yard in London

Many people would not believe that this beautiful,colorful spot is in downtown London.  Great shops and cafe here. I created this 8X10 with  both regular watercolor and watercolor markers as well as ink.

Vatican Guard

This painting of The Vatican Guard is from a photo I took several years ago of the Spanish Soldiers standing guard outside the main entrance to the vatican.

January Artist Challange

This past January I signed up for an artist challenge to do thirty paintings in thirty days. I only managed to complete 19 but I am pleased with what I accomplished as I also worked about 14 shifts Nursing and had the flu for a couple of days.
   The smaller ones are cards or 5x7  some are 7x11 and some 8x10.