Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Best Choice

This is one of my favorite poitraits I did in the past. It is 16x20 in size. The little gril was the daughter of a waitress we met in Castera in Tobaggowhen we visited the West Indies several years ago.
We have many friends there and I have had my art work sold in several shops and their Gallery there.
I also painted commissioned poitraits while there.
The profit from the sale of this painting will go to to "The Piggs Peak Project" .Piggs Peak is a place in Swaziland ,Africa.that the small community of Hampton,here in N.B. Canada are trying to help by supporting education and health care there.

Syd Step 2

Step 2 I am slowy building up color of his skin and layering his vest.

Syd Step 1

Just started this 8x10 painting as a surprize christmas gift for this 94 year old man.
Syd will be 95 in Jan. He is sharp as a tac and a sweetheart of a man.
I am really enjoying painting him.
I love painting people but if it is a commission it is pressure where this is fun.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Winter in the country

This is a painting I started last Sunday night and finished this week. It was from a photo I took last winter. I love skies and feel our fall and winter skies are the best in the world.
I hate winter but the atmosphere does give us these fablous skies.
My husband called me to our living room last night to see one of the most spictacular blood red skies I have seen in awhile.
It is funny that alot of people do not like winter but they love paintings of it
This is a mixed media 8X10.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2 visited Saint John,N.B. Nov.3/09

Queen Mary 2

Nov,3rd the Queen Mary2 visited Saint John, Canada.
This is a photo I took standing beside the Hilton.
My husband Nick loves cruises and this is his favorite ship.We hope in the next couple of years to take a cruise on this ship.

Mosiac Birdbath

Final step finished. Just some more polishing and wait for spring to make the stand.

Mosiac birdbath

Step four ;The tiles are cleaned with a wet sponge as the grout is drying

Mosiac Birdbath

Step three. The grout is mixed up and applied all over the tiles.I used Camel colored grout.

Mosiac Birdbath

Step two the pieces are glued in place

Mosiac Birdbath I made last weekend at Hoopers Studio Workshop

Step one arranging the pieces in the tray. The tray is a 16 inch bottom to a clay pot. I got the idea from this months Birds & Bloom magazine.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cottage Birdfeeder finished

I have now finished this painting and my sister Mariam is in hospital recovering from serious cervical surgery so I am going to send her this in hopes of cheering her up and hoping she thinks of better days at the cottage.
I am sure she would have perferred a poitrait of her Collie but I did not have a current photo of him.
Comming up in my next blog will be photos from my weekend workshop at Hoopers Studio in Hampton where I took a mosiacs course Sat.&Sun (Oct.31 and Nov.1)

Cottage Birdfeeder Step 3

More work done on the feeder and the chickidee

Cottage Birdfeeder Step 2

Here I have removed the Masking(Packing tape) and started to define the tree branch,Feeder and the bird

Cottage Birdfeeder

This was Step one of a painting I started a couple of months ago. It was from a photo I took of a chickadee at my sisters and her husbands cottage in Ontario. They live in Winnipeg.
I masked out the bird and feeder with packing tape and used a spatter Tech. for the foilage.