Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Silver Birches at Fisher Lakes

 This is my most recent painting. It is at Fisher Lakes in Rockwood Park,Saint John ,N.B. about a twenty minute drive from my home. It was done with a limited palate. I used miskit   to save the trees while I painted in the sky and the background. On the other side of this painting I tried to negative paint and leave the white,but it was painful and very unsuccessful. I did have a problem with my masking though as the blue colored miskit I used remained a bit tacky and was not easily removed when the time came to paint the trees. The leaves were done with gold leaf flakes. I had previously done a painting this way that sold right away. Hopefully this one will as well.
  Currently I  am also working on another Portrait of an elderly man for a Christmas gift.(Commission).


  1. I'm impressed! The leaves sparkle and put me in the scene {: I'm lucky i found your blog.

  2. I really love this one. Now I'm going to check out your other pieces.

  3. Preciosas pinturas. Mis felicitaciones.