Sunday, March 28, 2010

Anniversary Bouquet from my Husband

My wonderful husband sent me this beautiful Bouquet for our 33rd anniversary on Friday.
Both Nick & I love flowers and on occasion I have even bought them for him. This was only the second anniversary we have not been together for in 33 years but we have so much fun when we are together that he also creates the beauty in my world.
Today at my youngest sons partners baby shower I really thought about how fast time goes and we need to cherish everyday.
I painted our 30th bouquet so no doubt this or one of the other photos frm it may be a future painting. They had no Birds of Paridise or he would have included them!!!


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  3. Wow, I totally adore this fantastic Anniversary Bouquet from your husband. He really has a good choice. I too adore Flower Bouquets more than any other gifts. The flowers always make me happy and cheerful. I usually use floral decorations for my home.