Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Iris Step2 (see July's Post step 1)

I have just got back to working on this Iris Painting. You can look back to July on my blog to see Step 1.
Tonight I have gone over a lot of the lemon yellow under painting with various greens to start the foliage. I have used Hookers green and Perylene green as well as combining Hookers green and Lemon yellow on the palette before putting it to paper.
The Iris is painted using washes of alizarin , permanent rose and ultramarine blue in various combinations of concentrations.
I am now debating going in with ink or leaving pure watercolor. Stay Tuned!!
Coming up for locals to the Quispamsis area I am planning an Open house Art,Jewelry and Christmas decorations sale at my home Sat. Nov. 19th.
Still time to book those commissions for Christmas. What a great gift an original painting!! All I need is a good photo.

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