Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lauren & Ralph

This is a painting of my step granddaughter ,Lauren and her puppy Ralph. She lives in Cardiff in South Wales, G.B. and I mailed her this painting as a present for her birthday that was on Mon.March 3rd.She came over to Canada to visit this past summer with her mom & younger sister. Lauren is beautiful inside and out!
   The painting was eleven and a half inches square and I matted it with a three inch mat.
 Colors used were combinations of Cad.Red,Lemon Yellow,Yellow ochre,Cad.Orange,Burnt seinna,,cobolt,alizarin crimson,and rose madder.I also used Schmincke rich gold dry gouche for her earring.

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  1. Lauren and her dog Ralph, beautiful picture. almost all have soul in it. a smile is the most genuine and Lauren's eyes. friv 7