Sunday, April 22, 2012

Molly Wip Step3

In this step I have added more layers to the skin of her face and defined her nose.
I have spent more time developing the color of her eyes but have a ways to go yet. Once I define the lids more and add her lashes as well as eyebrows,it will look much better.Her left eye and ear seem much too prominent in this step but since it is not straight on but her head is turned I am hoping it will all fall into place. I have also started on the lips now and I have an under wash of Indian Yellow to warm the bottom lip and make it pop.
  I now need to give her eyebrows, start on the hair before I can fine touch the skin tones. I also need to establish the darkest tone under her chin line. This painting is 18.5 inches by 22.5inches.
  As usual I am working on other paintings  as well as I like to let my work dry naturally between layers.

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