Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bloomin Lady

At Bloomin Artist (a fund raising activity for John Peters Humphrey Association that occurs every two years each artist is given the opportunity to have a a project that has been prepared by the organizing committee and put their own creative spin on it. In previous years we have been given, three carved wooden fish,a dowel and a stand(2009) ,A bird and a short dowel with a flat board(2007) and a birdhouse (2005).
This year we have this wooden female form.
Bloomin Artist will take place the weekend of July 23 & 24th in Hampton N.B. Various artists set up on location in gardens and spots around Hampton and paint or work with various mediums and then the works are sold in silent auctions that occur 2-3 times each day. There are also previously done works for sale with part going to the artist and the rest to JPH Association .
It is usually a great time.

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